Nietzsche’s Muses: An examination of Nietzsche’s philosophy as it relates to music and dance (Lecture in German or English)

Over the last few years, I have been avidly studying philosophy – particularly the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. This lecture elaborates on Nietzsche‘s ideas of identity, freedom, and creativity and connects these ideas to the world of music. I examine Nietzsche‘s relationship to Richard Wagner and his music, Nietzsche‘s studies on rhythm, as well as his own ambitions as a composer. I also discuss improvisation from a philosophical point of view. The lecture includes listening examples and a solo performance of an improvised, shortened version of Wagner’s “Parsifal”. I gave this lecture at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, at Bird’s Eye in Basel (in cooperation with Philosophicum Basel and Dr. David Hoffmann), and in the Nietzsche-Dokumentationszentrum in Naumburg, Germany. I will be giving this lecture again at the Festival der Philosophie Hannover, 3-7 June 2020.